“ The Law of life is that your mind should be at rest as your body is engaged in dynamic action.
Vedanta empowers this self-management to integrate success in action with equanimity of mind. ”
The corporate learning programs deliver a diagnostic insight into the workings of mind and intellect. The technique of empowering the intellect to harness the mind optimises productivity at work, minimises stress and ensures harmony in relationship. Such workshops facilitate oriented team building and relationship management.

Some sample themes include :
  • Ageing, Fitness, Health & Wellness
  • Life, Business & Relationships
  • Dynamics of Mind
  • Addictions & Maladies of Mind
  • Empower Intellect, Gain Objectivity
  • Anatomy & Management of Stress
  • Ego and Complexes
  • Attachment, Love & Relationships
  • Team Building & Relationship Management
  • Wealth and Wellness
  • Personality Assessment Techniques
  • The Identity Crisis