Teacher in Canada
Rangarajan is a disciple of Swami Parthasarathy and a graduate from Vedanta Academy in India. Earlier to joining the Academy, he completed Professional Accounting education and Masters in Management, both with national distinctions. During his stint in management services industry, he met his guru and took to full time residential study of Vedanta at the Vedanta Academy in India.

After completing six years study, inspired by the practical relevance of Vedanta to daily life, he has been engaged in full time pursuit and propagation of Vedanta in the last 16 years. Heading the efforts of the Foundation in Canada as its full time resident Minister, Rangarajan encourages one and all to explore into the treasure of Vedanta and its merits to contemporary living.
He offers lectures on Vedanta, regular weekly study programs, corporate learning workshops, programs on Self-Management for Universities and residential retreats. The intensive study on Vedanta, combined with management background renders his lectures relatable to everyday life and work situations. A resident of the GTA now, Rangarajan has earlier served in India, the UAE and for a brief while in the USA.
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