The Ancient philosophy of Vedanta contains the eternal principles of life and living. The Sanskrit word 'Vedanta' is derived from two words 'Veda' - Knowledge and 'Anta' - End or highest. Thus 'Vedanta' simply means the end of knowledge or the highest wisdom.

Pursuit of Vedanta empowers your intellect with clarity in thinking, governance over mind and objectivity in action. Rendering work dynamic, relations harmonious, expectations realistic, life turns stress free and wholesome. Ultimately, the sublime philosophy of Vedanta sparks and calibrates your dormant subtle intellect to seek and discover your real Self, beyond your body, mind and intellect.

Swamiji on 'What is Vedanta'

'Beyond your body, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect lies your essential Self.
Your mission and purpose in life culminates upon discover of your real Self.'